Our team seeks to identify threats to your organization comprehensively to reduce risk across all attack surfaces. Modern enterprises are diverse, with infrastructure and services spread across remote offices, client-owned data centers, and cloud infrastructure.

Tailored Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organizations acquiring other companies need to better understand the acquisition target’s risk profile and how to mitigate risk prior to merging technical infrastructure.

Insurance Applicants

Companies applying for insurance need to supply their current risk profile for better rates.


Organizations that have just experienced an event or incident and need to uncover all vulnerabilities in their environment as they work on rebuilding and locking down their environment.


Organizations need to understand their risk profile and what potential vulnerabilities exist that they may not be aware of.



Hospital groups, insurance companies, and all services that need to maintain HIPAA compliance.

Financial Services

Private and public banking companies processing payment  information.

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Companies and technologies that connect users and handle sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII).


Clear Defense Contractors, Government, and Critical Infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Technology investments alone (Cloud Security Posture Management / CSPM) won't effectively mitigate risk in cloud or prepare you for cloud security incidents. We collaborate and augment IT, cloud, and security teams to create actionable plans which manage risk in cloud environments. We deliver better outcomes for our clients through the use of custom tools, in-depth technical assessments, and expertise in adversary response.

Our consultants have lead cloud detection and response teams in the largest and most complex environments in the public and private sectors. Our capabilities go far beyond a generic assessment document. We provide detailed and coordinated data-driven strategies, with a hands-on approach and experience that give our clients an unbiased view of the most critical issues in cloud environment without a laundry-list of low-impact issues.

Cloud Compromise Assessment

Know about critical issues in your environment. Ensure that adversaries aren’t already there.

Logging Baselines & Detection

You can’t trust default log settings. Ensure you are logging the right data from the right services and enabling accurate detection use cases in the cloud.

Cloud Incident Response Training

Build up your security team’s cloud skills and cloud security skills.Course covers logging and detection in cloud environments with a specific focus on preparation for and investigation and response of cloud-native attacks and incidents.

Capability Development

Building and updating security capabilities is difficult. We work with teams to provide direction and support to align people, process, and technology so you can rapidly stand-up new capabilities in weeks and months instead of years.

The best strategies aren’t always the most expensive but the ones you can implement and maintain. Bring us in at any point in your process to pressure test your plans and identify ways they can be more effective and efficient.

We work with you to build a roadmap and outline a plan on how to get there. We augment existing personnel, assist in building job descriptions, help you hire the right talent and train your team to ensure your people are armed with the latest skills.

Technical/ Threat Intelligence

Stay one step ahead of threat actors and decrease reliance on expensive commercial threat intelligence feeds with an internal threat intelligence capability.

Threat Hunt

Is there already a threat actor in your network? Our team works with you to power the data collection, analytics and automation to drive a repeatable and scalable hunt capability.


We work with your team to ensure data, coverage, and use cases are fully implemented for enterprise and cloud detection.

Red Team

Pressure test your detection and response capabilities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Organizations rarely have equal risk tolerance or cybersecurity investment strategies. We work with your deal teams and executives to understand and communicate sell-side cybersecurity risk. This means understanding required resources and timelines to get an accurate view of the new risk landscape. We help drive clear communication, enabling all sides to deal with uncomfortable truths about the clean-up of current and historical compromise activity.

Our goal is to ensure that you have a clear picture of exactly how you will securely integrate your technical teams, process, and technologies, including a detailed resourcing plan. Our support is tailored to your needs and engaged at the executive, and technical leadership level.

Support at Every Step

Stay one step ahead of threat actors and decrease reliance on expensive commercial threat intelligence feeds with an internal threat intelligence capability.


Starting at the Letter of Intent (LOI) stage, we perform rapid technical cybersecurity diligence to inform the deal team on risks and mitigation costs.


The highest cybersecurity risk for an M&A deal is at announcement. We rapidly assess and work with the sell-side to close big gaps that could be leveraged by attackers in this critical time period.

Post-Transaction Integration Support

Businesses don’t always have a clear picture of what happens post-transaction or the typical quick integration timelines. We help assess and manage risk, getting hands-on implementing critical security capabilities while safely accelerating timelines.

Technical Security Consulting

Have an implementation issue or security challenge you can’t quite solve? Need some extra expertise when adopting new security technologies? Want someone to come in and make sure your vendor contracts are aligned with your security goals or help you create an executive communication plan? Consider us your technical team that gets things done.

With years of experience advising leaders from all parts of the organization we are here to help you communicate with your C-Suite and implement your security plans with your working teams.

"I'm sometimes skeptical about trainings, but over the last few days, I got to learn AWS IR from @blackthornellc and it was the best IR/cloud training I've experienced. The team left much more comfortable with AWS & excited to use what they learned in practice. Strongly recommend!"

Gabrielle Hempel


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