In Celtic lore, the Blackthorne was a safe haven for nightingales escaping from predators and a symbol of help in times of trouble.

Blackthorne Consulting is a specialized security consultancy offering technical and advisory security guidance for companies managing personal, medical, and financial data.

Our goal in every engagement is to empower technical teams and executives to make meaningful security decisions, create effective and executable security strategies, and reduce risk.

Above all, we believe in being honest, transparent, and comprehensive. We believe your security challenges are solvable and that now is the time to make progress toward your security goals.

We believe that security is best managed with honesty, transparency, and efficiency. We provide an unbiased and realistic view of your risk landscape based on our deep experience defending and breaking into some of the largest networks in the world. We collaboratively build incrementally improving solutions that drive sustainable results. Security is a NOW problem, and we are here to help you create actionable security strategies, advise you on complex technology acquisitions, and give you a data-driven view to manage cybersecurity risk.

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Unparalleled Experience

Blackthorne’s team has experience managing risk and leading teams for U.S Department of Defense; Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft and General Electric; Big 4 consulting firms; and large healthcare, financial services, and emerging technology companies.

Data-Driven Results

Where others look to understand security through conversations and interviews, we find that data and measurement provide real ground truth. Our approach starts with data collection and identifying real gaps and issues instead of relying on existing documentation and word of mouth. We incorporate leading practices to drive optimum results.

Tailored Solutions

Each environment is unique with its own set of challenges. Our approach relies on partnership, creating solutions that are effective and actionable in your environment.

Adversary-Informed Solutions

Our team’s deep experience in leading government, military, intelligence community, and industry red teams provide us with deep understanding of the adversaries’ motivations and actions from many points of view. We combine this with our experience leading breach response and recovery for hundreds of incidents. We provide real-world experience and context of specific threat tradecraft across our client engagements to generate outcomes that counter these same threat actors.

Leadership Team

William Peteroy

William is a passionate entrepreneur and technology executive that enjoys building and leading high-functioning teams with focused and impactful strategies. Prior to Blackthorne, he led security strategy and innovation efforts as Chief Technology Officer at Gigamon. William joined Gigamon through the acquisition of ICEBRG, where he was CEO and co-founder. William has worked in a number of business and technical leadership positions in network and software security, including as a Technical Director and Subject Matter Expert at the Department of Defense, as well as a Security Strategist at Microsoft's Security Response Center. William has served as an instructor at the National Cryptologic School at Fort Meade and as a researcher at Dartmouth College, and speaks regularly at global information security conferences.

Cheryl Warner

Cheryl Warner is a highly regarded operational and strategy leader with extensive background in cybersecurity. Cheryl has served many years in the federal government, mostly recently assigned to the intelligence community as a subject matter expert in cyberthreats. Cheryl has private sector experience as well as technology companies, leading product and service delivery teams. Cheryl has a passion for working with industry to better understand the risks they face and to work with them to minimize that risk through delivery of high quality operations.

Dave Bell

Dave Bell is a respected cybersecurity professional with vast Red Team leadership experience across government and industries worldwide. Dave led the global red team at General Electric, where he developed a world-class program that executed sophisticated threat-based operations against multiple industry verticals around the world, including Healthcare, Aviation,Power, Finance, and other industrials. Dave also led the Red Team for the U.S. Navy, where he planned, led, and executed threat-based cyber exercises throughout Department of Defense, the intelligence community, and U.S. allies across the globe. Prior to his time with the U.S. Navy Red Team, Dave was an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy's intelligence and special projects communities. Dave has been recognized for his expertise in numerous ways - most recently by being featured in the "Tribe of Hackers: Red Team Edition" book published by Wiley.

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