Blackthorne Consulting is an elite team of security strategists, technologist and researchers, here to create tailored solutions to achieve your security goals.

Our team works in the most complex and diverse technical environments. We partner with clients to enable their growth and technological innovation,  and help them manage operational challenges in the regulatory landscape.

Security is a NOW problem. We are here to help you create actionable security strategies, advise you on complex technology acquisitions, and give you a data-driven view to manage cybersecurity risk.

We meaningfully reduce security risk for complex technical environments. From healthcare to financial services, from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies, we help our clients meet their goals with world class security strategies, technology deep dives, and team development.

"Blackthorne was the right team at the right time to address our cyber security concerns. Blackthorne's team of experts enabled us to rapidly get answers to critical questions and provided practical, actionable recommendations to help us improve our posture."

Chris Drumgoole



Cloud Security

Our team of cloud experts will guide you on your cloud maturity journey. It's vital that IT teams, internal security teams, and vendors are all working from the same playbook to avoid critical detection and response gaps. We augment and train teams to detect and respond to incidents in container-driven, serverless, or lift-and-shift cloud environments, creating actionable strategies and capabilities. We work across a broad set of cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun), and others.

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Capability Development

Successful security programs align people, processes, and technology to create sustainable capabilities. Blackthorne works to understand requirements and rapidly align processes and technology while providing critical support to hiring and personnel sourcing objectives. We believe in demystifying complex challenges and enabling our clients to be self-sufficient, armed with sustainable strategies and increased security capability maturity.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

More and more acquisitions are technology-driven, and yet the traditional M&A model doesn’t take into account the complexities of technology integration or cybersecurity risk. We work with buyers and sellers to rapidly build on data-driven technical insight into existing architectures and configurations.This enables the greatest possible understanding of risk and risk reduction pre-close. This work sets the stage for accurate cybersecurity budgets, increased integration speed and realistic run rates for the businesses post-close. Our experience building capabilities empower our clients to realize cybersecurity synergies and drive towards measurable risk parity post-close with meaningful, quick technology improvement.

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Technical Security Consulting

When security realities and business needs collide, you need to make pragmatic decisions to manage cybersecurity risk. We enable these decisions and outcomes by doing deep technical and broad strategic work few others can accomplish. Whether you have a clear plan or are embarking on a brave new journey, we will join you as trusted technical advisors.

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We believe that security is best managed with honesty, transparency, and efficiency. We provide an unbiased view of your risk landscape based on our deep experience defending and breaking into some of the largest networks in the world. We collaboratively build incrementally improving solutions that drive sustainable results.

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Unparalleled Experience

Blackthorne’s team has experience managing risk and leading teams for U.S Department of Defense; Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft and General Electric; Big 4 consulting firms; and large healthcare, financial services, and emerging technology companies.

Data-Driven Results

Where others look to understand security through conversations and interviews, we find that data and measurement provide real ground truth. Our approach starts with data collection and identifying real gaps and issues instead of relying on existing documentation and word of mouth. We incorporate leading practices to drive optimum results.

Tailored Solutions

Each environment is unique with its own set of challenges. Our approach relies on partnership, creating solutions that are effective and actionable in your environment.

Adversary-Informed Solutions

Our team’s deep experience in leading government, military, intelligence community, and industry red teams provides us with deep understanding of the adversaries’ motivations and actions from many points of view. We combine this with our experience leading breach response and recovery for hundreds of incidents. We provide real-world experience and context of specific threat tradecraft across our client engagements to generate outcomes that counter these same threat actors.

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